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Pulse Proof and Anti-Surge, High Power Thick Film Chip Resistors from KOA


Thick Film Chip Resistor High Power KOA

With the SG73-series, KOA offers a resistor series which has approx. 10 times higher pulse handling capability compared to standard flat chip resistors.

Due to this outstanding pulse load capability these are suitable for protection of electronic circuits against extreme pulses and surges.

These resistors are available with ±10 % or ±20 % resistance tolerance.

KOA has recently optimized the resistive material and the production process, and is now able to offer the SG73S, SG73P and SG73G-series also with tighter tolerances of ±1 %, ±0.5 % and ±0.25 %.

The SG73S-series is a special anti-surge resistor which is suitable for high peak voltages with short duration (e.g. ESD / CR discharge / rush current, etc.)

The SG73P-series is a pulse-proof resistor which is suitable in case of higher power than rated power and pulse voltage is applied comparatively long (e.g. gate resistor of FET, etc.).

The SG73G-series is a high precision pulse-proof resistor with T.C.R. ±50 ppm/K and the same one-pulse characteristics than the SG73P-series.



  • Outstanding pulse proof property
  • Higher power ratings than std. FC’s
  • Excellent in ESD characteristic (SG73, SG73S)
  • High component and equipment reliability
  • Resistance range 1 Ω … 10 MΩ
  • Resistance tolerances down to ±0.25 %
  • Operating temperatures up to +155 °C
  • Tested acc. to AEC-Q200 requirements
  • Anti-Sulfuration type also available (SG73S/P_RT)


  • Automotive electronics (e.g. ECU)
  • Power supplies
  • Industrial
  • Measuring instruments
  • Motor control
  • Smart meter
  • Power conditioner / inverter
  • White goods